In Embrace – part two

Gary Knight & Claire


The Living Daylights (Glass 030, 1983, 7”)
The Living Daylights/Blue Beach/Make

Too (Glalp 004, 1983, Lp)
Stretch/Embrace the Base on Sunday/Love Among the Crumbs/Kiss a Cold Shoulder/Pine Needles/Emotional Punchbags/Trying Too Hard/With a Satin Finish/Uniform and Unicorn/If We Choose/Under the Skin

Produced by John Rivers and In Embrace.

Joby Palmer

Richard Formby

Your Heaven Scent (Plays Hell with Me) (Glass (12)034, 1984, 7”/Ep 12”)
7”: Your Heaven Scent (Plays Hell with Me)/Fluid
12”: Your Heaven Scent (Plays Hell with Me)/The Newer Living Daylights/Liquid/The Longer Living Daylights/Trying Too Hard

Shouting in Cafés ((12) Cherry 84, 1985, 7”/12”)
Shouting in Cafés/Shouting in Cafés [8 1/2 min.]/Chocolates for Breakfast
[Second track probably left out on 7”]

This Brilliant Evening ((12) Cherry 90, 1985)
This Brilliant Evening/The Darkest Horse/This Brilliant Evening [instrumental mix] [Last track probably left out on the 7”]

Gary Knight, Joby Palmer, Clive Dove, John A Rivers, Elisa Richards.

Wanderlust (1982-1984) (Glex 102, 1986, Lp)
Writing Pictures/Your Heaven Scent/Emotional Punchbags/Trying Too Hard/Sun Brings Smiles/Play in Light/Tears Turn Fresh/Fluid/Love Among the Crumbs/The Living Daylights/Shadow and Substance/Under the Skin/Pine Needles

1. Previously unreleased, 2. from single with the same name, 3. Too, 4. Too, 5. Passionfruit Pastels, 6. Sun Brings Smiles 7”, 7. Passionfruit Pastels, 8. Your Heaven Scent 7”, 9. Too, 10. 7” with the same name, 11. from compilation album on Glass with the same name, 12. Too, 13. Too.


Shadow and Substance (Glalp 007, 1984, Lp)
Shadow and Substance

Another Spark (Another spark 001, 1984, C90)
Kiss a Cold(er) Shoulder

Pillows and Prayers Volumes 1&2 (CD Mred 169, 2000 ?,Cd)
Shouting in Cafés

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