In Embrace – part three


This Brilliant Evening ((12) Cherry 90, 1985)
This Brilliant Evening/The Darkest Horse/This Brilliant Evening [instrumental mix] [Last track probably left out on the 7”]

Gary Knight, Joby Palmer, Clive Dove, John A Rivers, Elisa Richards.

A Room Upstairs (Glass (12)051, 1986, 7”/Ep 12”)
A Room Upstairs/A Room Upstairs [instrumental mix]/My Worst Behaviour/Red Blue Eyes
[A Room Upstairs [instrumental mix] & Red Blue Eyes probably left out on the 7”]

Gary Knight, Clive Dove, Amanda Lyndon, Peter Becker. A Room Upstairs produced by John A Rivers and the other songs by Peter Becker.

What’s Got Into Me (Glaep 106, 1987, Ep 12”)
What’s Got Into Me/The Screaming Song/Brand-New-Life/Darling Angel Sugar Honey

Peter Becker

Songs About Snogging (Never released, 1987, album)
Mirror Mirror/Perfect Stranger/What’s Got Into Me?/You Can Laugh/Bedtime/A Room Upstairs/Shipwrecks/Somebodies/Stay Here/Wallpaper, Bathwater, Perfume and God/Lovelorn
[Extra songs perhaps for a planned eventual Cd release that also didn’t materialise?]: Writing Pictures/Chocolates for Breakfast/This Brilliant Evening/The Darkest Horse/Shouting in Cafés


50,000 Glass Fans Can’t Be Wrong (Glalp 019, 1986, Lp (Initial pressing in clear vinyl))
Red Blue Eyes

Red Heaven: 20 of the Best from Cherry Red (Nectar Masters, ?, Cd)
This Brilliant Evening
[Also includes EIG (Sunbursts In)]

Ambition: the Cherry Red Story Vol. 1 (CD Bred 95, 1991, Cd)
This Brilliant Evening
[Also includes EIG (Sunbursts In), Martyn Bates (The Look of Love)]

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