Martyn Bates
Love Smashed on a Rock
(Integrity IR 002/IR 002 CD, Oct 1988 (Lp)/Jan 1990 (Cd), Lp/Cd)

Review 1

by ? (Strange Things, April-May 1989)

Have you ever heard of Jo Rice? He co-edits those useless British Hit Albums books with Tim Rice (no relation) and Paul Gambaccini (no brain). He claims to buy every album that enters the Top 100. TWIT! He wont get to hear this little gem then, and he’s missing a veritable treasure trove of talent. Martyn Bates can write great songs. But the reason why we’ve picked out the album for special mention is the imaginative and refreshing arrangements that he’s given his music. Using a whole range of musical and percussive instruments he creates a background of ever-changing interest, which, if anything, recalls Buckley’s Goodbye and Hello period. But Martyn’s English point of departure immediately erases any further comparisons. Maybe this album wont find its way into Jo Rice’s collection, ensure it gets into yours.

Jo Rice wrote us (Dec. 26th, 2005) with these comments:
1. I don’t edit British Hit albums any more. Haven’t done for about eight years.
2. Tim Rice is a relation. To quote The Hollies, he’s my brother.
3. Paul Gambaccini may not have many things, but he certainly has a brain.
4. I have never ever claimed to buy every album that enters the Top 100. I have qa comparatively small album collection (no more than 1000) and as a general rule do not go for the big hits. Why else would I have the complete Cowboy Junkie catalogue?
5. Why would i not get to hear an album, just because it's not one I plan to buy?

I’m happy to be called a twit, but not on the basis of false information. I’m sure Martyn Bates can write great songs, but I’m hardly likjely to rush out to buy it on the basis of this review. The same goes for anybody among the hundreds of thousands of people who buy and read British Hit Singles and British Hit Albums, who will be more likely to have a grasp of the true facts of the matter than your anonymous reviewer.

Jo Rice