Plague of Years: Selected Lyrics of Eyeless In Gaza, 1980-1997

Knives Replace Air
A Keepsake
In Your Painting
Still Air
Plague of Years
Voice From the Tracks
Fracture Track
Hunger Song
Passing and Distant View
Phantom Music
Ill Wind Blows
Answer Song and Dance
Lines of Flame
One by One
Lilt of Music
Picture the Day
Drumming the Beating Heart
Transience Blues
Light, Sliding
Pencil Sketch
Street Lamps and Snow
Wind in Dead Trees
Old Hours, Slow Daybreak
Throw a Shadow
Prayer-Book to the Quiet
Lights of April
One Light, Then
Across the Pulse of the Rain
Leaves are Dancing
Corner of Dusk
Dogs Bark
Guide This Night
Pearl and Pale
September Hills
Stealing Autumn
Sun Bursts In
New Risen
All Yr Pages
Between These Dreams
She Tries on the Jewels
Reminding Pictures
Streets I Ran
Bitter Apples
To Cry Mercy
Twilight Walking
Dear Light
Winter Sang
Returning Over
Monstruous Joy
Sorrow Loves Yr Laughter
Song-Like In the Dead Night
Dear Song of Then
Among the Blue Flowers and the Yellow

Preface by Elizabeth S./ A Letter to the Plague of Years, to the Sustained Air … by Martyn Bates/Discography of Eyeless In Gaza/Back-cover write-up by A. Burnham. ISBN 1 900152 56 8. (Some photos of which only one (I think) is not available elsewhere.) (‘Winter Sang’ was originally planned for release on All Under the Leaves; the Leaves of Life.) See also Martyn Bates’ notes – Recollections: Some Seizings Towards the Sense of It all.