Cry Acetylene Angel

Martyn Bates told me following about the Cry Acetylene Angel project:

Cry Acetylene Angel was myself (e-guitar, vox) + David Black (e-guitar + films … he designed the sleeves for Rust Red September, Transience Blues, Back from the Rains, amongst others) + Martin Packwood (ex-Bron Area, bass + occasional vocals) + a drum machine. We never actually played a proper concert, but rehearsed long … problems! We couldn’t find a drummer that we liked despite several horrific auditions … then Dave Black and myself decided that we actually liked the sound of the Drum Machine and that we’d incorporate that, when Martin Packwood decided to leave, thereby killing it stone dead in protracted inertia. – A frustrating period, because the idea showed promise … . This was all post-Eyeless’ first break up and before I recorded The Return of the Quiet. – At this time I really felt the need to play something unfussy and uncomplicated, very much a ”song-oriented project,” very melodic, but fast, and driven … . […] – Our set actually incorporated several tunes that I went on to record in a solo capacity – Azure Flag/I’d Better Mean It All Now/This One Refrain/The Words of the Haunted/Dark Chorus.”