Eyeless In Gaza – Nags Head
by DAWKEYE (Nags Head, Nuneaton, Sat 13th Sept. 1980)

The Nags Head is one of those big, old rather seedy pubs that you find in the centre of towns where the new development ends and the Victorian red-brick terraces take over.

The Lounge at the back is decorated in wood panelling and dirty white, furnished with grimy red chairs and low wooden tables. At one end is the stage, about 10 foot long and 6 deep, and raised a good 6 inches from the floor.

We, that is myself, Gary (fearless editor) and 2 other layabouts arrive early and selecting our seats conduct some brisk business in 0533’s. Two pints later on come the support band, SEA of WIRES, from Coventry. After a while Gary informs me that the music that this synthesizer duo make reminds him of Tangerine Dream, having never heard any of the Tangs stuff I decline to comment. Sea of Wires is slow meandering and has no obvious meaning other than it’s probably nice to meditate to and, yes, they do have long hair and beards.

After a while EYELESS IN GAZA take to the stage and kick off with a Pop-Groupy type number called Faith Knows No Faith, which consists of bass, drum, tape and crazy sax breaks between strident vocals.

The sound is rough, the vocals unintelligible but that doesn’t stop the audiences enjoyment of the music (some people actually danced!). Despite the fact that there are only 2 of them (tho they did ask if there were any drummers in the room) EIG make a full, funky, interesting sound.

Their range of instruments ensures that each song is distinctive (mainly guitar and synth with drum machine, snare drum, soprano sax, organ, recorder and harmonica) and although this was a small local gig put lots of effort into their performance.

I heard their single ‘Kodak Ghosts Run Amok’ some time ago and was impressed, live they were better.

(For those interested the full track list was: Faith Knows No Faith, Clear Cut Apparently, Knives Replace Air, About Face, 7 Years, China Blue Vision, C Tonal, Voice From the Tracks, Faceless, Kodak Ghosts Run Amok, 4 Walls Talking, Whitewash and The Buddha Approach.)