Eyeless In Gaza
Sun Bursts In
((12) Cherry 74, Feb 3 1984, 7”/Ep12”)

Review 1

Messrs Bates and Becker manage to raise their chins from their chests long enough to deliver an optimistic number very much in keeping with last year’s ‘Rust Red September’ lp. From an introspective cul de sac they have emerged with a keen melodic sense heightened by surprisingly chirpy bass.

But does it mean anything?

Review 2

Eyeless In Gaza sound suspiciously as though they have been overdosing on Howard Jones with “Sunbursts In” (Cherry Red) an over anxious Dance bop, but do check out the 12” with the more atmospheric “Lilt Of Music” and “Inky Blue Sky” which Mr. Jones could begin to imagine in his synthetic little world.

Review 3

Big in bedsits. Mssrs Bates and Becker trying to be commercial at last. Be nice if it could come off for them, there’s even brass here to liven things up. A brave attempt.

Review 4

Dissected by Thompson Twin Joe Leeway (February 14 1984)

Perfect! It’s got that barefoot feel to it. I find myself playing it again and again … more chart oriented than previous offerings. There horns have got that ‘out there’ refrain. Hope to hear it on the radio!